Onigiri in Aisai Bento from Japan! Introduction in english

Onigiri in Aisai Bento from Japan

Onigiri are japanese rice balls, they can have many different shapes, but the original shape is a triangle.
Aisai translated from japanese kanji characters mean Ai=Love Sai=Wife.(愛妻) and bento is 
lunch box.(弁当)
In a traditional japanese family, the wife fixes the aisai bento, bento lunch box in the mornings for her husband and she gives him the bento box to the husband, before he leaves the house. At lunch, he unpacks the bento box and either eats alone or with his co-workers. Some husbands wash the box and brings it to his wife, so that she can fix his lunch for next day. The bento box usually contains food from dinner, the rice, the meat, the vegetables and some fruits. They usually fix with lots of love and color so that the husband can work hard at the company. This is a small introduction to japanese culture. We call that “Nihonjin no kokokoro” (日本人の心) which translates to “The heart of a japanese”.


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