Recipe: Schnitzel with Sauerkraut and Potato salad from Germany!


-desired amount of Schnitzel pork cut (thigh of the pork, in german oberschenkel or unterschenkel)
-1 egg for 2 slices
-bread crumbs (Paniermehl, if you cannot find the german bread crumbs, then you can make your own with dry white bread, add salt, garlic powder and little paprika powder, the bread crumbs must be fine, thin)
-Salt, Pepper

Egg and bread crumbs

1. Schnitzel saisoned with salt, pepper
UPDATE: Code in flour (professional german chef’s advice)
2. Battle egg and add Schnitzel
3. Add immediately in the bread crumbs

 4. Slowly heat the oil to hot, not too hot, otherwise it will burn, do not cook longer than 2 minutes each side, you will see. This is how your Schnitzel has to look:


Schnitzel ready!

Preparation time: 5minutes
Cooking time: less than 5 minutes
Serving size: as desired
Typ: you can eat with a delicious german mustard


1kg cabbage
1 apple
1 oignon
2 slices bacon
1 grated potato
2 TBS sugar or 4 Kluntje (sugar candies from this region for tea)
3 TBS white vinegar
300 ml bouillon
8 cloves
1 TBS Juniperberries
2 bay leaf
salt, pepper
Optional: Once it is cooked, you can add more vinegar

1. Bacon, apple and oignon sauted.                                                     2. Add sugar and caramelized 1.

3.Add potato
4.Add all spices, vinegar, bouillon, salt, pepper

5.Add cabbage
6.Cook in low heat for about 1,5 hours


This is how it looks ready!

Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 1,5 hours
Serving size: about 4 servings for about 4 meals, depending on how much a person eats.
Typ: You can very well freeze in bags and eat another time!

 Potato salad

 As desired boiled potatos, but I will write for 6 potatos
¼ cup vegetable soup
½ tsp dijon mustard
¼ cup mayonnaise or as desired
Cornichons, as desired (pickled cucumber)
1tsp white vinegar
cream, to refine the salad,
salt, pepper, garlic powder, oignon powder

Mix all and you can add some chives to be decorative!


And this is it!

Preparation time: 5 minutes to mix all ingredients.
Cooking time:20 minutes to boil potatos and 10 minutes to peel them.
Serving portion: 3 servings
Typ: You can eat this salad with Bratwurst or Fischstäbchen!



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