Some information on measurements and flour types in Germany and USA!

Hello! I would like to give you some important information on how important it is the measurements. For now I am introducing how it is in the US and in Germany. My recipes are in english, so most of them, american measurements are applied. If you have questions, please look at this typs. I will be adding more infos based on need and demand! Thank you! Susi

USA                                                Germany

1 cup of liquid                                   250 ml Flüssigkeit
1 cup of solid                                    100 g of solide, das auch unterschiedlich zwischen Zucker u. Stärke
1 TBS                                               1 EL grosse Löffel
1 tsp                                                  1 TL kleine Löffel

pinch of salt                                        ganz bisschen Salz


In Germany you cannot find self raising flour, so you need to add baking powder to it. The higher the Typ number it is, the higher the amount of gluten in the flour.
1 cup Self raising flour                         100g Mehl Typ 405 mit 1 TL Backpulver

That is for now. Updates to follow!


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