Recipe: Raspberry Muffins: Happy Valentines Day!

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You can add anything you like to your muffins, last time I added chocolate. My oldest son has his playmates and I try to have something prepared for the kids, homemade is always good.
And today is Valentines. Hope you have a wonderful day with your beloved ones. Wish you all my warmest wishes to you all for Valentines. From Delicioso y Divertido!

2 cups flour (200g)
1 cup white sugar
2 eggs
½ cup butter
½ cup natural yoghurt
1 package baking powder (about 15g)
little salt
vanilla powder

1. make snow with egg whites.
2. mix egg yolks with sugar and vanilla
3. add butter, mix, then add baking powder and salt, mix, then add yoghurt, mix
4. add flour, mix then add egg whites.
5. add max. 2 TBSP of muffins into your muffins paper cup
6. bake for 25 minutes at 150C

Preparation time: 20 minutes
Baking time: 25 minutes at 150C
Portion: About 25 muffins
Typ: You can divide this dough, mix half with cocoa powder and a little powder sugar, then do 1 TBSP white muffin and the second TBSP chocolate muffin.

Raspberry sauce!

300g frozen raspberry
1,5 cup white sugar
little vanilla
little lemon zest

1. Cook all in medium low heat for 40 minutes. Same process as the french figues jam, see recipe: Buiscuits from Kentucky and figues jam from France!

Happy Valentines Day!

I think Mickey Mouse is going after my Muffin Yeay!

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