Recipe: Spaghetti with Pesto Sauce!

This is how I like my pesto sauce, with lots of parmesan cheese. You can make different kind of pesto, for example out of Arugula leaf, parsley and even sundried tomatos. I love basil. You can store your pesto sauce by adding olive oil. I make it fresh and use it all up!

Fresh basil, take just the leaves, makes about 1 cup.
1 clove garlic
Optional: you can add italian parsley
½ cup parmesan cheese
⅛ cup of pine nuts (if you have children, watch that they do not have allergies to nuts)
salt, pepper
and about ½ cup olive oil or if more.


Mix all ingredients and blend, by adding olive oil little by little.

This is it!

Prepartion time and cooking time: 20 minutes. (Cook the pasta first and meanwhile you make the pesto, this is really quick, divertido and delicioso)
Typ: If your pasta is too sticky, dry, you can add olive oil or the water of the pasta.

Bon appetito!


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