Recipe: German Garlic Salad Dressing!

Although this recipe is very easy to make, it has many different ingredients and I made some adjustments as well. The point is the main ingredient, which is “Speise Quark” here in Germany, which this translates to “Cottage cheese or Curd cheese”, but the consistency of cottage cheese is very different to the Speise Quark, so I do not recommend to use that. You could use natural yoghurt, it tastes also good, but it is more sauer tasting, so you might need to add little bit more of honey. You could also use sour cream. I like best with Speise Quark, the taste is softer, but natural yoghurt is very good choice. The herbs, you can choose, I myself add Parsley, Dill, chives and fresh garlic. I like this dressing, because it is healthy, has no mayonnaise, you can use as a dip, or if you are not in the mood to make the salad, then peel some carrots, cut in sticks and that is enough, you have your vegetable intake for the day!

For about 1 cup or 250ml dressing:

½ cup natural yoghurt or 1 pak Speise Quark (250g)
½ cup cream, add little by little
½ tsp honey
¼ tsp mustard (optional)
3 cloves garlic, chopped
Herbs: Parlsey, chives, dill, ½ tsp of each or by choice)
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp olive oil
1 tsp vegetable stock (optional)
salt, pepper, garlic powder.


Don’t get overwhelmed with so many ingredients, this is easy!
That’s it!

Mix all ingredients, the cream add little by little, by mixing ingredients, if you like it less liquid, then add more yoghurt, if you like more liquid, then you can add more cream, just adjust the taste according to that.

Preparation time: It is quick, about 10 minutes, but I let it rest for at least an hour, so that all ingredients blend nicely together.
Typ: If you make this dressing more dense, than you can serve with tortilla chips or veggies sticks! Good to have if you have some friends gathering day, like super bowl sunday? or watching soccer on TV with good friends? or a family gathering? Delicioso y Divertido!!!



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