Recipe: Shrimp Pasta in Butter, Lemon Sauce!

This is a simple recipe and got this from my friend Melissa from Las Vegas. Important is to boil the Spaghetti in a nice water with salt, garlic powder, olive oil, you will be using this water to the sauce. When you make the sauce, give a nice flavour to your olive oil, by adding garlic and the lemon juice. When your pasta needs more juice, then add water from your boiled Spaghetti. Simple as that and Delicioso!

Beloved Pasta, I cooked Spaghetti. I would say 500g is good for 4 adults.
1TBSP Butter and some 1TBSP olive oil
2 TBSP lemon juice and some lemon zest
2 or 3 cloves garlic (your taste)
1 cup Shrimps ( I used frozen shrimps, when I really wanted to cook this, I only had frozen and could not go to the market to get fresh, I cannot always find fresh, unless I go to the market…)
1 or 2 cup Baby clams ( I do not always have access to that, so I did not add)
Italian Parsley

1. start by boiling the water and cook the pasta.
2. when pasta is inside, right after you start with the sauce, by adding butter, olive oil to the pan.
3. once hot, add garlic, lemon zest and have this nice flavour, aroma.
4. add shrimps and clams if you have, cook for about 5 minutes or less or needed. When shrimps are orange then is good.
5. add lemon juice, mix
6. add the pasta, mix all, add salt, pepper
7. add pasta water as needed and add the parsley.

Butter, Olive Oil, garlic, lemon zest
Add shrimps and lemon juice
and that’s it!

Preparation and cooking: This recipe can go quick, it is all about timing, starting by boiling the water for the pasta, once the water is boiled and the pasta is inside, then start with the sauce. When pasta is cooked, then you add this to your sauce. That simple!
I like easy dishes for week-end! Enjoy with a nice white wine!

Have a nice week-end and enjoy!


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