Recipe: Ají de Gallina, Shredded chicken in yellow pepper spicy creamy sauce!

I am presenting you one of the most traditional dish from Perú. What makes this so delicious. First of all you make your own chicken soup, when the soup is ready, you add white bread for the sauce, this will make the sauce thick, so how do I make this sauce more liquid? With the chicken soup and by adding cream. What makes this dish so special? The ají Panca, a special yellow pepper and that’t it. You enjoy with rice and you decorate your dish with pecan nuts and a hard boiled egg. Before we go to the ingredients, I made my own ají, if I would buy ají Panca through the internet (certainly I looked the entire city of Emden) it would cost me too much just with delivery fee. I am not going to be able to describe my ají, since I colored it with cúrcuma, so that my paste will be more yellow, the taste was similar. Reference on how to make your own ají: Gian Gallia in COCINA paso a paso. You can enjoy this with Inka cola, do you know that drink?

Cooked shredded chicken ( I used from 4 drumsticks:please see my recipe Sopa de Quinua)
1 cup Chicken soup (please see my recipe from yesterday February, 27th 2013: Sopa de Quinua)
2 TBSP ají Panca
1 TBSP ají Mirasol
1 little oignon chopped
1 clove garlic chopped
1 cup white bread, cut in little pieces ( you can use old dry bread, bread that you can still eat)
¼ cup yoghurt (optional: I have kids, yoghurt helps to smooth the HOT spicy taste)
¼ cup cream or desired
salt, pepper
pecan nuts, boiled egg, parsley, boiled potato (all for decoration)
Preparation and cooking time: I cooked the previous day, I used the soup from my Sopa de Quinua (see recipe February 27, 2013 Quinua soup) I left about 2 cups of soup for this recipe.
If you prepare the soup and this recipe together, I would say it will take you about 45 minutes for preparation and cooking goes quick, 10 minutes.

Note: If you do your own ají paste, be very CAREFUL with your hands, try to use disposable gloves. My hands were burning and gave me a headache. To smooth that burn sensation, clean your hands in lemon juice, fresh if you have, constantly. The burn sensation will come back after maybe 30 minutes, then clean your hands again with lemon juice. Please be very careful.


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