Recipe: Guacamole from Mexico!

Another simple delicious recipe for this week-end, Guacamole. In many Latin American and  Central American countries, the tomato salad (see my recipe: Silpancho from Bolivia, dated February 17th, 2013) is enjoyed as a sauce with meat, salads, tortilla chips and even in a nice burrito or tacos. I give you a hint: Try my recipe “White Fish in Dill Sauce, dated February 20th.2013”, then try this recipe Guacamole, buy Burritos, souer cream and shredded cheese and you have a nice meal. From the country of Mariachis, enjoy your Guacamole.

1 avocado
½ or all tomato
½ chopped oignon
cilantro (optional) (Korianderblätter) (coriandre) (cilantro) (コリアンダ) ( fresh is best, but dry is ok)
lemon juice ( I take the juice from half a lemon)
optional: I add just a pinch, little soya sauce ( I love to eat just mashed avocado with soya sauce)

Ingredients, it works better with fresh cilantro

Mash the avocado, chop tomato and oignon and all ingredients and mix.
Preparation: 15 minutes
Tip: Use for dipping sauce, with meats, burritos, tacos, salads.

Buen provecho a todos!


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