Recipe: Rice Pilaf with Lamb from Uzbekistan, Uzbek Palov!

It started with a book :Russian Cooking by Helen and George Papashvily, revised in 1971. I was reading some parts of the book and the author, Mr. Papashvily is from Georgia, not from the State of Georgia of the United States and I thought it was quite interesting how people react with some parts or names of countries of the world. Finally, he ends up in Uzbekistan (at that time, not an independent country). Uzbek Plov or Palov  is a traditional dish that is prepared by a man, who cooks in a big pot called Kasan that holds up to 1000L of liquids, this for special events like a big wedding ceremony. I looked for many recipes, and inspired me to make this dish real. I came up with my own and I have to admit, that my family loved this, the combination of the lamb, vegetables and cumin was outstanding. My kids loved this tradition and it was their first time they had lamb, and they wanted to eat more. After trying this recipe from that horizon, I really would like to experiment and savor the tradition of the countries that goes from west to east through the Silk Road (Seidenstrasse) (La Ruta de la Seda) (Route de la Soie) (シルクロード).

200g Lamb filet (Lammfilet) (filet d’agneau) (filete de cordero) (子羊、ラム肉、骨ぬき)
½ little oignon, sliced
½ carot, julienne (german, english, spanish is julienne cut) (日本語では千切りです)
(optional) 1 little piece of paprika, yellow or red.
1 garlic clove (all)
¼ tsp. cumin (Teelöffel) (cucharita) (cuillère à café)(子スプーン1/4杯)
2 cups hot water (500ml)
½ cup long grain rice (best Basmati, I cooked with Patna, it was good)
little lard (Schmalz vom Schwein) (Manteca de Cerdo) (Saindoux) (ラード)


1. sauté lamm in lard until brown.
2. add oignon, carot, garlic, paprika, mix all.
3. immediately add cumin, mix.
4. add water, immediately rice and cook covered for one hour in low heat.
5. Once it is done, let the pilaf rest for 5 minutes, then serve.

This is the balance of my vegetables
Cut your lamb in cubes and sprinkle with salt
ready to add the water
Et voilà!

Preparation time: 15 minutes.
Cooking time: 1 hour.

Yokimli ishtaha!

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