Recipe: German, East Frisian Porc Roast, Ostfriesische Snirtjebraten!

This is a very traditional meal from northern, Germany (Niedersachsen) (Lower Saxony) (Basse-Saxe)(Baja Sajonia)(ニーダーサクセン州), Snirtjebraten. People in this region enjoy this every winter. One of the tradition that I have experienced a couple of times is this: “We meet our neighbours at 18:00, we drink a little bit of Jägermeister (english, french, spanish, same Jägermeister. 日本語ではイエーガーマイスターです)in the cold weather, then after 20 minutes of warming up, we all walk together to a restaurant. We eat either Snirtje or Grünkohl (Kale cabbage)(Chou frisé)(Col verde)(ケールキャベツ). This is a unique experience and usually it is practiced in little towns outside the city of Emden. Once you are in the city, people do not practice these type of activities together. So we were very happy that we were able to experience, real East Frisian tradition. Once  you had the desert, each household brings “something” for auction. We once took our m&m jar and that was very popular. Some beautiful memories I am taking with me from beautiful East Frisia (Ostfriesland)(Frise Orientale)(Frisia Oriental)(東フリージア,北ドイツ).
The mother of the butcher’s family explained me a little how to cook Snirtje, I also got this hint to add wine from and the author is HaGeWe, who I tried to reach out to him, but I am unable to log to this site, so thank you Mr. HaGeWe)

500g Porc (Nacken oder Schulter)(Back of the Neck or Shoulder)(Cou ou Epaule)(Cuello u Hombro)(豚肉の首又肩)I must tell you that I buy the Snirtje from my Butcher, and they marinate in spices and it is family recipe, so this cannot be disclosed, but to give you an idea, it is marinated in sweet paprika powder, salt, oil, fresh oignons and there must be something else, but I was not able to find this out)
1 Carot
1 piece of celery
1 bay leaf
3 cloves
1 garlic
½ cup of red white
1 cup of water
Lard (Schweine Schmalz)(Saindoux)(Manteca de Cerdo)(豚のラード)


1.cook porc in lard until brown.
2.remove meat and add carot, celery and cook.
3.deglace with little wine, then add the rest and the water, salt and add the meat.
4.cook all in medium, low heat, covered for 1 hour or more, depending on your meat. make your sauce thicker, add little corn starch (always put cornstarch in cold water, never hot water, it dissolves better, watch out that your sauce is smooth when you add your starch)

Cook porc meat until brown
After removing meat, brown veggies
after deglacing with wine, add all, meat, veggies, wine and water
Et voilà

Preparation time:15 minutes
Cooking time:about 1 hour
Tip: This is from a professional advice. If you want to get a browner sauce, meaning you do not want your sauce to be clear, then roast some oignons with bones (porc or beef) until brown, then add water and let it cook for about 45 minutes or until it has this beautiful flavour).

I almost forgot, you eat this with boiled Potatoes and Rotkohl (Red Cabbage)(Chou rouge)(Repollo morado)(赤キャベツ). Recipe for Rotkohl to be followed, real german recipe!

Einen schönen guten Appetit wünsche ich Euch!


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