Recipe: German Red Cabbage, Rotkohl!

This is a must know if you would like to enjoy german cuisine at home. It takes long to cook, but you can always eat the next day or even freeze it. Rotkohl can be enjoyed with the Snirtjebraten, I showed you yesterday (March, 6th. 2013), Bratwurst and many other meals as well.
Rotkohl is usually cooked and enjoyed in winter. Each family has its own recipe. I received many hints and tips from friends and professionals here in Emden. What makes an East Frisian Rotkohl unique from Rotkohl from all Germany? The Kluntje. It is basically sugar, but it is sugar candy. People in this region enjoy tea with small or big Kluntje. The art of serving tea is very unique and I will be showing you this soon. Another spice that I added this time is Glühweingewürz (Mulled wine spices)(Epices du Vin chaud)(Especias de Vino caliente, estilo Alemán)(グリューワイン香辛料). Just a little bit of that spice, it will add this light warm citrus winter flavour. This traditional recipe is not to be missed. My guide for this recipe was author Elfi. Three professionals and two friends gave me some advices. One friend tried this, she said it was authentic.

*1kg Red Cabbage (Rotkohl)(choux rouge)(repollo morado)(赤キャベツ)
*1 Oignon, sliced (dünn schneiden)(en tranche)(cortar delgadito)(千切り)
*3 sauer Apples ( I used red Breaeburns)
Schweine Schmalz (lard)(saindoux)(manteca de cerdo)(豚のラード、無ければ油で結構)
*2 TBSP white vinegar (Suppenlöffel weiss Essig)(cuilère à soupe de vinaigre blanc)(cucharita de vinagre blanco)(お酢白小スプーン2杯)
*2 TBSP sugar (or 2 to 3 big Kluntje)
*2 TBSP Black current gelée (Johannisbeergelée)(Gelée du cassis)(Gelée de grosellas)(カシスジャム)
*2 TBSP flour with little cold water
*1 bay leaf
*3 to 5 cloves
*150 ml of water
*salt, pepper


1. Cut the cabbage thin, then wash. The water, your hands and fingers will be blue.
2. Slice the oignon, cook in the lard until soft, then add cabbage.
3. add all the ingredients, including water, mix, the taste with salt and pepper.
4. cover and cook in low heat for 2 hours. Try to mix every 30 minutes. After the first 30 minutes, you should start to smell the beautiful aroma of the german Rotkohl.

After you cook the oignons, add cabbage and everything else. The white sugar cube is Kluntje.
When you have mixed all ingredients and ready to cook in low heat, covered for two hours. Mix every 30 minutes.
Et voilà1

Preparation time: 20 minutes.
Cooking time: 2 hours.
Tip: Your fingers will be blue, it is okay. I use half of a lemon juice, then add 1 tea spoon of baking soda, then I rub my fingers, then wash with soap. Immediately wash your kitchen materials, they will be a lot blue. While you are washing that and your hands again, naturally the color will go away.
You can freeze in freezer bags, I usually freeze about 3 or 4 bags and I am good for at least a month.

Einen guten Appetit wünsche ich Euch!


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