Recipe: Bolivian Quinoa salad, Ensalada de Quinua!

Another recipe with Quinoa. Last week on February 27th, I showed you my Peruvian Quinoa soup. Today another healthy way to cook from Peru’s neighbor country: Bolivia. I was inspired to make this salad based on “Artichoke hearts Quinoa salad” created by Teresa de la Rocha, leader, Executive Officer from the group Sabores en Bolivia. A group that is introducing Bolivian cuisine through TV, magazines and other medias. I also made this salad, based on the ingredients I had at the moment.
If you eat Quinoa for a meal, then you had the proteins you need. You have all the vegetables that is in this salad and that is all you need. Healthy, fresh and delicioso. A good treat for the week-end!

½ cup Quinoa (Quinua)(キヌア)
1 cup vegetable stock ( I used Knorr, so you do not need any additional salt; for one cup water, I added ¼ tsp of Knorr vegetable stock)
1 TBSP olive oil
½ little white oignon, chopped (gehackt)(haché)(picada)(みじん切り)
little zeste of a lemon
½ lemon juice
1 tsp. Apple vinegar(りんごお酢なければ、好みのお酢で結構)
Vegetables like cucumber, paprika, tomato and a boiled egg (optional)


1. in olive oil cook oignons until soft.
2.add the vegetable stock and the quinoa and cook for about 20 minutes, covered, low heat or until done. You know it is done, when you see some little holes.
3.when you turn off the heat, let it rest for about 5 minutes, then open the lid, mix and add the cucumber, tomatos,  (paprikas and egg, just for decoration), then mix all, add lemon juice, zeste and apple vinegar.

Quinoa cooked in low heat, covered, this is ready, see the holes?
Before you add the vegetables and other ingredients, transfer to a bowl, have the quinoa breath

Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 20 minutes or until done

Buen provecho and have a nice week-end!


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