Recipe: Beef Carpaccio!

I have to be honest. This is not a classic dressing for Carpaccio, does not have arugula, balsamico vinegar, truffles, capers…My recipe has soya sauce, lemon juice, parmesan cheese, italian parlsey and little ground black pepper. That’s it. May I label this recipe unter Italy? 🙂 Why not!
This is also my very first time I had raw meat at home. I always thought that eating Carpaccio would be part of fine dining. The reasons why I decided to create this recipe are two: 1) I planned to cook korean and all of the sudden I was craving raw meat, so…2) I trust in my butcher, his products are alway TOP quality. Et voilà, do you think this is a good appetizer for my business travelers that are coming from abroad and want to have a good meal at home?

Top Sirloin, must be fresh and trust your butcher
little soya sauce
little lemon juice
little parmesan cheese
ground black pepper
Italian parlsey

Happy Monday!


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