Recipe: Cuban Shredded Beef, Vaca Frita!

I am presenting you a tradition from Cuba, la famosa Vaca Frita. This has been and will be my old time favourite cuban meal. You enjoy with frijoles negros (black beans) and some fried bananas. I am still working on the beans, I haven’t found the right taste yet. The best cuban restaurant for me is Versailles in Miami, the one that is in the Cuban Village, by Coral Gables. The ambiance, the customer service and the menu is incredibly traditional delicious cuban food. You may also finish with a “Café Cubano” at the little window at the entrance. Another restaurant that I liked was the Cuba Café in Las Vegas. What I was really impressed with that restaurant is the customer service. The waiter always remembered us and believe it or not, he remembered our names. At that time Ken started with solids. I had to have my “Vaca Frita con Frijoles” and the waiter said that Ken should have a “Sopa de Pollo con Arroz” (chicken soup with rice), because the “Frijoles”(Beans) would not set good in his stomach. Cuban Cuisine has a variety of food, from beef, seafood, chicken to beans, salads, soups and don’t forget the “Sandwich Cubano”
Here we go:

400g Beef (Flank, for roast) (Rinderbraten)(Flanc de Boeuf)(Falda)(牛肉ロースト)=First you cook the beef for 1,5 hour or until meat is cooked and soft. First I brown the meat in oil, then I take it out. Next, I brown sliced oignons and bones from beef, then I add the meat and 2 L of water and 1 bay leaf. Cook in medium heat for 1,5 hours. Your soup will be brown, you can utilize this for sauces, I used mine for my Vaca Frita as well)
1 oignon sliced
1 clove garlic
1 orange
1 lime
little cumin


1. once your meat is cooked, shred the meat with your hands.
2. in a pan, heat oil, add oignons, garlic, cook until little yellow, brown.
3.add meat, immediately the juice of orange, lime and ¼ cup of your soup.
4.taste with little cumin, add salt.

After you brown your meat, brown oignons and bones.
then add the browned meat, bay leaf and 2L of water and cook for 1,5 hours
(apologies, foto shows no difference), this is after 1,5 hours, your soup is brown.
Brown oignons, add shredded meat, add orange, lime juice, some soup, cumin and salt.
This is it! A must try cuisine!

Preparation time:
Soup: 15 minutes to prepare and 1,5 to cook.
Vaca Frita: 15 minutes to shred and 10 minutes to finalize the cooking, so I would say cooking time is about 2 hours.

Buen provecho!


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