Recipe: Japanese braised Bonito (Tuna fish), Katsuo no Kakuni ♪

Katsuo no Kakuni is normally a side dish. This is enjoyed during a nice meal or you can have that in your “Bento box” (please see my explanation about Bento box on January 29th. 2013). In summer though, you enjoy this with cold beer and Edamame (boiled green soybeans). I usually like to cook this in winter as well, my children and my husband love this. The sweetness of the mirin and sugar and the saltiness of the soy sauce with the ginger, make this beautiful side dish Katsuo no Kakuni a very traditional taste of Japan.
Tuna fish 500g ( I used frozen this time, it is also good)
1 little piece of Ginger
½ cup of water or little more
1 TBSP Hondashi (fish stock)
6 TBSP Soy sauce
½ cup Sake
2 TBSP Mirin
3 TBSP Sugar
1. cut tuna fish in little squares.
2. boil water, once boiled, add tuna fish for about 30 seconds, then take the fish out.
3. in the same water add all the other ingredients, then add the fish again.
4. in low heat covered, cook for about 20 to 30 minutes, until you see just a little juice, please see picture.
While cooking, please mix with a wooden spoon gently…
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 30 minutes
Tip: Once you have your Katsuo no Kakuni, you can store in your refrigerator for 1 week. You may also sauté some vegetables like green beans, zucchini.
A beloved side dish from every Japanese.
Soredewa Itadakimasu ♪♪♪



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