Recipe: Ukrainian Red Beet Soup, Borscht ♪

Borscht is a traditional soup in many Eastern European countries and Russia has also its own way to cook this soup, especially in hard cold winters. This soup is not vegetarian, because you cook with beef soup, in this case I already had prepared my beef soup the day before (roasted beef bones and onions, to have a brown color soup). You may cook vegetarian, but then the name of the soup changes to Uszka, Barszcz or others…This soup is eaten cold in the summer, hot in the winter time. I cooked with beets that are pre-cooked and in order to have a dark violet color I added red beet juice. This is also traditional, according to a friend of mine. When the soup is done, then you serve with a little bit of natural yoghurt on top of the soup and you enjoy this with dark bread.
This soup is also very well known in Poland. I read many different recipes and I followed my friend’s instructions and I came with my own. I tried this recipe twice and this is how I like. Oh! My children love this soup!

Red Beets (pre-cooked, about 4 pieces, sliced in little pieces)
½ carrot (sliced in little pieces)
½ white onion (sliced)
1 little tomato (take out pulp and cut in little cubes)
1 TBSP olive oil
500 ml beef soup (try to  make your own, if you do not have, then add 500ml of water and 1TBSP of beef stock, like Maggi or Knorr)
300 ml red beet juice
salt, pepper
Ingredients (I omitted the bay leaf, garlic and the celery the second time I made the soup)

1. sauté the onions, tomatoes and carrots in olive oil, until onions are soft.
2. add the beef soup and cook in medium low heat, covered for 20 minutes.
3. add the red beets and the red beet juice and cook for only 5 minutes.
4. salt, pepper and 1 teaspoon of natural yoghurt on top, when you serve the soup.

(My apologies not having pictures on the instructions, but I only have the instructions of my first soup and I decided that I had to make it again…)

Preparation time: 15 minutes.
Cooking time: 25  minutes.
Tip: you may also add cabbage in the soup. I would also like to add a little note: I used to eat a lot of red beets, while I was pregnant. You can read the nutritional facts of the red beets. My doctors, both in the US and in Germany recommended this.




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