Sunday Brunch ♪

Sunday Brunch


This is our weekly ritual, Sunday Brunch. My husband goes to the bakery, when he comes back, he starts setting up the table, while I get the kids ready. We love eating ham and cheese, but as a good mommy, I have to have some veggies and fruits for the kids…We do sometimes invite our friends over. We buy the ham and cheese and they bring the bread.

There are also times, we are just tired of ham and cheese, we do pancakes or we go out to our favorite Café.

On the little plate: Fleischsalat: Ham, prepared with pickles, mayonnaise and herbs. From left: salami, cooked ham, cornbeef, ham with herbs, bloodham, ham with champignons, ham with paprika.
Vacherin Fribourgois: a cheese from the canton Suisse, Fribourg. The taste is pretty creamy.
Veggies with natural yoghurt.
Breads are delicious here in East Frisia, one of the most well known is “Weltmeister Brötchen”, with poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, rye wholemeal flour.
and the coffee ♪

Have a good Sunday!


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