Recipe: Swiss Birchermüsli, oatmeal with fruits and yoghurt ♪

Birchermüsli is a traditional breakfast meal and its origins is from Switzerland, from the german side of the country. A swiss german doctor by the name of Bircher invented this for his patients. A mix of oats with yoghurt and fruits make this meal a very healthy for breakfast and even for dinner time. My kids love this and we eat pretty much every night a bowl of Birchermüsli for the evening, light, fresh and very healthy. In every hotel in Switzerland, in the german side, you will see every time a big bowl of Birchermüsli, most of the hotels prepare with fruits, oats, raisins, nuts (hazelnuts) yoghurt and they add cream at the end, instead of milk. Not only the guests in the hotel enjoy this, but also the personnel in the hotel. The kitchen prepares once a week for the entire staff of the hotel. I have served this for many friends and families and they ALL asked for the recipe. Please enjoy this tradition from the Alps.

¼ cup Oatmeal, try to find oats, the small oats, if you buy oats that are thick, then you will need to wait about an hour or more, so that oats are soaked in the milk and yoghurt.
½ cup yoghurt, any of your taste, I like with raspberry, strawberry and blueberry.
½ cup milk or more
Fruits, like strawberries, kiwis and orange. If you add banana, please eat immediately, they turn dark and mushy…
I do not add any nuts, but you can. Some swiss add a little honey, but that would make your Müsli too sweet.
1. in a bowl, add oats, yoghurt and milk, mix.
2. add all the fruits you want and mix all. That simple.

Mix oats, yoghurt and milk before you add the fruits.    
Colorful, yeay!
Preparation time: 10 minutes. Try to find oats that are fine, then you can eat immediately.

En Guete miteinander♪

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