Recipe: German, East Frisian Grünkohl, Kale with Kassler, Mettwurst!

OK, I must say this Grünkohl, is again one of my inheritance from East Frisia. From the moment, the local people started to talk to me in “plattdeutsch” instead of “german”, I have decided that I needed to learn how to cook this meal. Do you remember I showed you the recipe “Snirtjebraten” (March 6th. 2013)? Both, Grünkohl and Snitrjebraten are served and enjoyed in winter. There is also a tradition that a group of friends meet for “Bossel”, a game that you play on the street, you throw a heavy ball to one direction. You play that when it is cold and people have to be careful with the cars and the drivers are also careful driving, when they recognize, when there are groups of people playing “Bossel”. I tried many different Grünkohls. To be honest ALL of them were incredibly tasty. The combination of the Kassler (cured, smoked piece of pork, the taste is similar like the country ham in Kentucky), Mettwurst (ground pork, smoked sausages) and you add some barley, it will make you want to have this dish many times during winter. I cooked with frozen kale, the local people buy a 1,5 kg frozen bag and the brand is Oldenburger (that region is also very famous for this dish). I have decided to buy just the 600g. Most certainly you can go to the market and buy fresh, but I understand that the cleaning process is very difficult. Here in Emden, a lot of families grow Kale in their garden. Another tradition that I am taking with me.
The recipe is based on many questions I asked to a lot of friends and professionals here in Emden and I came with my own and YES it tasted authentic. My kids love this. This was a request from Ken.
Thank you very much.

600g Kale (chopped)
1 small white onion, chopped
250g Kassler
2 pieces Mettwurst
¼ cup barley
2 cups water
1 tsp vegetable stock
salt, pepper

1. in lard, brown the Kassler and Mettwurst.
2. take out meat and brown onions then add the kale with a little water, cover, then turn around the kale until it is completely unfrozen, then add the meat, the water and the vegetable stock, barley, salt, pepper and cover.
3. cook in low heat for about 50 minutes. Mix once in a while. The smell of the german food will make you want to be in Germany. I promise.




This is it!

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 50 minutes
Tip: serve with boiled potatoes.

Recht guten Appetit!

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