Recipe: Cordon Bleu ♪

Cordon Bleu is originally from Switzerland. The original recipe is with veal, until the United States introduced a new recipe with chicken breast. You normally add Gruyère or Emmentaler cheese along with cooked ham or raw ham. I added Vacherin Fribourgois (you can see that cheese on my “Sunday Brunch” posted on March 24th. 2013.)
Other countries have their own version of Cordon Bleu, maybe without the cheese and ham inside, can you name the countries? for example:

Germany: Schnitzel, Putenschnitzel.
Austria: Wienerschnitzel.
France: Escalope
Italy: Piccata
Japan: Tonkatsu
Spain and Latin America: Milanesa
and many other countries…All above are prepared, either with veal, pork, beef or chicken meat and they are all breaded.

Chicken breast

piece of cheese (Gruyère is good)
piece of cooked ham
bread crumb
salt, pepper

1. clean the chicken breast with water, then dry pat with a kitchen paper, cut in half and add cheese and ham.
2. salt, pepper and flour.
3. whisk egg and add the chicken in the egg.
4. immediately put the chicken in the bread crumb.
5. in oil, not too hot, cook one side for about 5 minutes or until brown, pretty color, then turn around and cover, lower the heat and cook for more than 5 minutes, until meat is brown. Check the meat if it is cooked inside.
After you did #1. cut in half and add cheese and ham.
salt, pepper, flour.
immediately into egg, that was whisked.
immediately into the bread crumb.
be careful how hot your oil is.
when you turn around meat, lower the heat and cover and cook longer, like for 8 to 9 minutes.
this is it!. Can you recognize my salad? Yes, from Andalusía.♪

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes.
Tip: The tradition is to eat with french fries and a salad.

Recht Guten Appetit!



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