Recipe: Peruvian roasted chicken with cumin. Pollo al horno con ajo y comino !

This is another recipe from my friend Rocio from Lima, Peru. A story to tell: I was living in Tokyo. I remember it was year 2000. I met a group of students from the Waseda University. In that group I met Rocio and her husband Miguel. They were also surprised that I could communicate in spanish so fluent…They used to organize parties at their tiny apartment in Tokyo and Rocio used to cook a soup, this “Pollo al horno con comino” and hot chocolate for dessert. Students from many different countries from Latin America. For certain, every party was fun with good music and good food! Especially when you live in a foreign country and want to eat food from home.

Chicken thighs (3 pieces)
3 TBSP garlic
1 TBSP oil
1 tsp white vinegar
1 tsp ground cumin
1/2 tsp salt or as desired
I forgot to make a picture of oil, do not forget oil, very important, because it will avoid burning your chicken.
garlic, cumin paste.
in a bag mix paste and meat.
Que rico!

1. chop garlic and mix all ingredients.
2. in a big bag put the chicken thighs and add #1.
3. on aluminium foil with little oil, put the chicken thighs and then put some extra oil on the meat.
4. cook at 200C for 45 minutes, then lower heat to 150C for 15 minutes.

Preparation time: If you buy chopped garlic at the store, then prepraration time goes fast. It took me 20 minutes.
Cooking time in oven: 1 hour.
Tip: I served with carrot salad and some polenta left over I had from monday the 8th. April 2013.

Buen provecho a todos!


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