Recipe: Panna Cotta ♪

A dessert from Piedmont, Italy. It is basically cooked cream. You bind the desert with gelatine, no eggyolks needed. If you have Crème double, you can serve this dessert after a couple of hours, I made this with regular cream and I had to wait a night.  This recipe is from my book “Internationale Gerichte aus aller Herren Länder” from 1995. Book from the flea market.

2 Gelatine
300ml cream
35g white sugar
1 tsp vanilla (the book says: 1 TBSP Grand Marnier)

50 ml milk
50g dark chocolate ( I made with milk chocolate, the rest of the easter chocolate)

1. put gelatines in cold water.
2. cook cream, add sugar, vanilla and mix. When cream is cooked, add gelatine, carefully.
3. through strainer, pass the cream to a cocotte.
4. once it cooled down, put in the refrigerator for two hours at least, if you made with crème double, if you made with just cream, you need several hours.
5. for the sauce, boil milk, add chocolates carefully. Cool the sauce and serve.

Buon appetito♪



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