Recipe: Swiss Rösti ♪

Simple as grated boiled potatoes. Browned, just with salt, pepper in a little butter. You call it hash brown in the US, which it is usually eaten at breakfast with sausages and gravy. Kartoffelpuffer in Germany, Tortilla de patatas in Spain for a complement for Tapas, Latkes in Jewish tradition for Hanukkah, every country has its own way to cook grated potatoes.

In Switzerland you call it Rösti, weather you are in the german side or french, italian, romansch side of the country. In many cantons of the country, you eat this as a side dish. In many restaurants, east side of the country, canton Grisons (Graubünden in german), offer a Rösti menu. The main is the Rösti and you can request on top, veal ragout, vegetarian, cheese with ham, tomato base sauce, the variety is infinite.
Some families grate the potatoes when they are raw and they cook it, I boil potatoes first then I grate them, it is easier to cook.

5 – 6 potatoes
salt, pepper

1.Grate boiled potatoes.
2.Brown them in butter, salt, pepper, mix first, then form the Rösti.
3. Turn around after 5 minutes.

Step 1 and 2 mix well, so the potatoes blend with salt, pepper and butter.
Once you form it, then brown it for about 5 minutes or until brown.

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: boiling 20 minutes, browning the Rösti about 10 minutes. 5 minutes each side or until brown.

En Guete Miteinander

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