Recipe: Schweizer Kalbsgeschnetzeltes, Swiss sliced veal with mushroom cream sauce♪

Another classic swiss tradtion. This is particularly popular in the german part of Switzerland. The most well known is from Canton Zürich. Although Zürich leads on this dish, I tried the best Geschnetzeltes in Canton St. Gallen, in a tiny restaurant owned by a chef and his wife by the Lake Constance, in a town called Rorschach and the name of the restaurant is Pfeffermühle. For years he served his menu with beautiful wine selection. Last time I went there was year 2009, I tried to make reservations, but I heard that he only serves for private parties. If you are in St. Gallen, do not miss restaurant Bäumli, it is less for tourists, local people go there to eat. It is very expensive, but highly recommended. Dinner is service à l’anglaise, so your meal is always hot. Lovely experience and their Geschnetzeltes is one of the best in the Swiss German part of the country.
The original recipe is with veal, but you can fix with porc as well. You may add little bacon as well, that will give an extra special flavour. This is how I like my swiss dish:

400g sliced veal
4 italian mushrooms, sliced
little white wine, just to deglace
1/6 c of vegetable soup (already cooked, if you do not have this, then 1/2 tsp. Knorr bouillon)
1/4 cream
1/4 crème fraîche
salt, pepper

1. in oil, brown veal then add sliced mushrooms.
2. add little white wine to deglace
3. add vegetable soup, then cream and finally crème fraîche, salt pepper.
4. garnish with some parsley
Step 1
Step 2 and 3
Step 3
This is it ♪

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 10 minutes
Tip: Eat with Rösti, the recipe is also on my blog, dated April 23rd. 2013. You can either eat with salad or green beans.

En guete miteinander♪

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