Pannekoek from Groningen, the Netherlands. Pancakes ♪

On March 17th. 2013 I have presented my Dutch pancakes.


Today we went to Groningen and had pancakes in the most reputable pancake restaurant in a ship called Pannekoekchip Groningen.

This was our experience:
We arrived around noon and gladly found a parking space. Just to inform you that parking in Groningen can be very expensive. For the day you can pay up to 20 Euros. It was raining and we decided to eat in the restaurant where our friends invited once, three years ago.
The waitresses were very friendly. We sat at our table and she immediately brought something to entertain our kids. They were glad to have something to paint, after being on the road for almost two hours.
I started reading the menu and could not understand the individual words. I speak german and really thought I would catch dutch, but every time we are in the Netherlands I have to ask them to speak either in german or in english. So I kindly asked the waitress, if she had a menu in english or german. That was not an option, so I concentrated again and started to figure out. I decided to go vegetarian, that is safe and I understood kids and apple on the menu. My husband went with meat
Then we ordered drinks, my old time favourite: rivella.
Started to observe the layout of the restaurant, the decor, the details.
And here is our food:
Mine: Vegetarian with white asparagus, champignons, zucchini, onions, cheese, chives with a sweet curry sauce. Although it looks overwhelming, too large, I was able to finish it all. If you notice on my recipes, I cook small quantities. This pannekoek would be for four in our house.
Andy: Kannibal, with ham, bacon and chorizo. It was just fantastic. Seems a little heavy, but I could have eaten, if not all, almost all.
Ken and Dan: with apples and with the famous syrup called  Treacle “Stroop” made out of sugar beets for the Pannekoeks in the Netherlands.
We left towards centrum, in the rain and enjoyed a couple of hours at the Kermess at Grote Markt.
That was our Saturday ♪

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