Recipe: Gyros ♪

Gyros was actually one of my culture shock coming here to Emden, Germany. When I went to the butcher, to the local one. (That time we were leaving outside Emden, in a very small area). I went in, they were very friendly at once, then I realized that they knew we were the “new ones” in town. While I was asking the different selection, I asked the lady, what the special was “Angebot” in german, she answered “Gyros”, I was very surprised and I told her: “But Gyros is from Greece”, she said “Yes” and her facial expression was “so?”. A couple of months later, I decided to explore the “frozen section” of every grocery store. Indeed, every grocery store carries frozen Gyros. Then we moved to the city and immediately located my butcher. They are actually 100m away from my home. Lucky me. And again, sometimes they have this “Gyros Angebot”. Another example: at the Farmers Market, they make their own “Gyros mix”. Also, the fast food restaurants have in their menus: Gyros with Tsaziki and Pommes (French fries). So well integrated is Gyros here in Germany.
This recipe is a mix from recipes made by Germans at I picked up about five different recipes and this is what I came with:

Make a paste with: (quantity is based on taste, but I added a lot of paprika and cayenne pepper)
cayenne pepper
garlic powder
chilli powder
salt, pepper
lemon juice
olive oil
1 onion, chopped
I prepared with chicken breast and cut in pieces.

1. make the paste with all the ingredients above, mix well
2. add the paste to the meat and mix well. Try to marinate this for several hours, covered, so that your refrigerator will not smell.
3. in a pan, cook the meat until done, so about 10 minutes.
Step 1
Step 2 and 3
Let me know, how this tastes ♪

Preparation time with marinating time: several hours, better overnight.
Cooking time: 10 minutes.
Tip: If you have pita bread, then serve Gyros with Tsaziki and some salad, or krautsalat, this is how it is served in Germany.

Have fun serving Gyros to your family and friends ♪

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