Message: New Beginning

Through this message, I am letting you know that my access to the internet will be limited for the next three weeks, depending on how our situation evolves. We are relocating out of Germany.  Until I have my next kitchen how I want, I might be posting some notes other than my own recipes. Please continue exploring all my recipes.Thank you for those who helped me keeping my blog moving forward. I will let you know soon enough when I am back online. Thank you very much.

This is beautiful Emden! Thank you for all these beautiful years.
At the farmers market: vegetables.

At the farmers market: bread

My spices came from here!

fresh herbs

fresh fruits
From Holland!
Sunday Brunch at our friends.

My butcher

Trying to be frugal in our hotel, last days in Emden

Breakfast at our favorite Café

Farewell with my friend at Hafenhaus restaurant
 I love Emden.


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