Sponge Cake from Savannah, Georgia (United States)

This is my interpretation from my book “Savannah’s cooking book” from Harriet Ross Colquitt. You need flour cake, in Germany would be the TYP 405. Flour cake has less proteins than other flour and it has been sifted several times. It is made from delicate wheat. The flour is light, fluffy and very fine. The point in this recipe is to sift the flour four times. Separate the eggs. This cake has lemon flavor.
We drove from Florida through Georgia, Tennessee until we arrived to Kentucky. Tried some good country food and that is why I am trying some recipes from the South of the United States.

5 eggs
120g Swansdown cake flour
200g white sugar
1 lemon zest and juice


1. zest lemon and squeeze juice and mix all. Set aside.
2. separate egg yolks in big bowl. Egg whites in another bowl.
3. sift flour 3 times.
4. mix egg yolks, then add sugar little by little. cream both, then add lemon paste.
5. beat whites.
6. add 5. in 4. sift flour again before adding to the mixture.
7. in a buttered pan add mixture, bake for 40′ at 340F

Enjoy Y’ALL!


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