Ensalada de quinua con chia y alcachofas!

This is an inspiration from Teresa de la Rocha from Sabores en Bolivia, but I added the Chia seeds, just like that, magic! Not long ago I was in La Paz and was looking for the Chia seeds in grocery stores. They sell Chia seeds in oatmeal, but I wanted just the seeds. Long story short, I ended up going to the organic store. Proud of bringing Chia back home, I found out that Publix grocery stores here in Miami carries Chia seeds! “Chopped”, a Food Network program here in the United States showed those Chia seeds…and I thought I brought a rare ingredient from Bolivia…

Chia seeds Health benefits: helps to loose weight, control your immune system, has Omega 3 (what a fish has), helps with your heart, reduces your appetite, good for people who have problem with high blood pressure, helps with digestion…AND you can add to your salad, soup, oatmeal, bread, cookies. Healthy!
Chia seeds
Artichoke hearts
Baby Spinach
olive oil
lemon juice
Chicken broth
salt, pepper
1. Cook quinua in chicken broth, with the seeds
2. Cut artichoke hearts in small pieces
3. Once quinua is cooked, let it rest
4. mix all ingredients
For a good health!



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