"Batashoyu" pasta.

When I was a student, the sauce “batashoyu”, translated from japanese “butter and soy sauce” was one of my easiest way of cooking, did not take much space in my pantry. Although when I first heard “batashoyu omusubi” = “rice balls in butter and soy sauce”, I thought it would not taste good. This formula can be aplied in pasta, rice, salad, mushrooms dishes, even in fish, so if you have nothing in your pantry, just use these two ingredients: butter and soy sauce, “batashoyu”!

Pasta of your choice, reduce the amount of pasta you eat and instead make lots of veggies of your choice.

green paprika
1 TBSP butter
1 TBSP soy sauce
slice of ham (optional)

1. cook your pasta.
2. while cooking, cut your vegetables in julienne.
3. in a pan, add oil, sauté your vegetables, then add butter and soy sauce.
4. add pasta and mix all together



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