Recipe: Soup Curry!

This is from a Japanese TV program, comedy. It talks about 5 gentlemen who are going through a middle life crisis, one of them is a Cook star on TV. (I think he is the only one who is really happy in life) Anyway, he shows different soups, all with curry and there is one scene where he explains what spices he puts in. This is what I got. I hope I have at least 50% of the recipe. Who knows? By the way, the TV program is called: Soup curry, or in japanese, supu karee.
This “soup curry” actually exists or the first restaurant that launched this soup was in Sapporo, northern Japan. There is a way to enjoy this soup. They bring you a bowl of soup with another bowl of rice. You take the rice with the spoon, then you add into the soup and you eat like that…
It is called “soup curry” and not “curry soup”
1 tsp of each:
mustard seeds
cardamon seeds
cardamon powder
¼ tsp of each:
garlic salt
paprika powder, sweet
bay leaf
1TBSP or more of kurkuma
6 drumstick
1L water or less and some vegetable stock
1 green bell pepper
1 onion
lemon juice
salt, pepper
1. in oil caramelize onion, then add all spices, make a paste
2. add water, vegetable stock, bring to boil
3. add drumsticks, lemon juice, ginger and cook for 50 minutes.
4. add bell pepper and cook for another 10 minutes
5. salt, pepper



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