Recipe: Chinese style steamed fish

The more vegetables you have, the tastier your fish will be. Before you put the fish in your steamer, important is that the fish is clean, then you rub it with kosher salt and soy sauce. When you are done, make certain to wash your steamer pan very well to remove all the smell.

1 yellow tale snapper

ginger, cut in julienne

green onions, cut in julienne

leak, cut in julienne

6 TBSP soy sauce

4 TBSP mirin (sweet rice vinegar)

sesame oil (optional)

1. rub your fish with kosher salt and soy sauce. Start boiling water in your steamer pan.

2. mix soy sauce and mirin, cut all vegetables in julienne, as thin as you can.

3. when water is boiling, put the fish on top pan, put all the vegetables on top and the marinating sauce. Cover and cook for 10 minutes. In another pan, heat the sesame oil, about 1 TBSP and add some of the vegetables into it, add some sauce (from the steamer pan that is in the water, just a little sauce) and when all is hot, pour this on top of the fish and serve immediately.

Enjoy this with white rice.



4 thoughts on “Recipe: Chinese style steamed fish

  1. chinese put any kind of sauce at the very end, especially steamed fish – they don’t add salt (soy sauce is salty enough), they steam fish for 8-10 mins and pour sauce made from soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil and bit of sugar, on the top of the WHOLE fish they put cut ginger, green onion and pour the sauce 🙂 my mother in law told me that recipe many times, but your looks nice too 🙂

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