Recipe: Salsa Pico de Gallo


Very simple, fresh and quick. Do you actually know why people call that Pico de Gallo in Mexico?There are some theories that the way you cut the onions, tomatoes, chilies, they are small and those are picked by a rooster. Another theory is that the roosters beak is yellow, that represents the onions, the red tomato represents the comb of the rooster and the green, which it would be the green chili, like jalapeño. that would be some of the feathers.
Another theory is the three colors represent the color of the flag of Mexico.

Pico de gallo is an extra salsa that is served with the nachos and the guacamole. In Mexico people add this to salads, soups and even meats.

I, myself eat with nachos, sour cream and the salsa, while watching a movie at home, why not? In my picture, you notice that I add just a piece of jalapeño and that is because of my kids. I am introducing them “picante”.

3 Tomatoes

1/2 white onion

little jalapeño, according to your taste

cilantro, fresh, chopped

lime juice

salt, pepper

1. Take out the seeds of tomatoes and cut in little cubes. Chop the onions, cut little jalapeño, chop cilantro, mix with lime juice, like half of the lime, salt, pepper.

Que rica la salsa!



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