Recipe: Conchitas a la Parmesana. Parmesan Sea Scallops.

This is a traditional appetizer from Peru. You will find this in almost every restaurant. Simple and quick, besides having fresh ingredients, the secret is in broiling the right amount of time.  In Peru, they serve the scallop with the “coral”, the red part of the meat. The part, most people like to eat is the “scallop” itself. The coral has a bitter taste. I haven’t located a store that sells the scallop with the coral.

Sea Scallops

Worchestershire sauce

lime juice

parmesan cheese



1. On the scallop, sprinkle salt, then put lime juice, then parmesan cheese and finally the butter.

2. Place scallops in the oven, broil for 3 minutes, closed and open the lid of the oven and broil for another 1 minute. Keep an eye on the scallops. Serve immediately.

Buen provecho.



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