Recipe: Tamagoyaki, Japanese sweet omelettes

When you go to a sushi bar, you will always see Tamagoyaki, right?

The traditional way of cooking this, is to add sweet ingredients to the eggs, such as sugar and mirin (sweet wine). There are some recipes that you can add anything you like, spinach, little shrimps, fish stock and other vegetables. You call Tamagoyaki by its shape as well, usually rectangular. You need to buy this special pan. You can find in any Japanese grocery store.

Tamagoyaki is enjoyed by children, because of its taste. It looks difficult to make, but you need lots of patience to make this.

2 eggs

1/2 tsp sugar

1 tsp mirin

1/2 tsp soy sauce


I will be adding pictures on how to make the Tamagoyaki into my Facebook page Delicioso y Divertido. It is not easy to explain this.




6 thoughts on “Recipe: Tamagoyaki, Japanese sweet omelettes

  1. Susana, I don’t exactly know your background (About page?), but I grew up in Japan and love Japanese food. I have posted some Japanese recipes too. I love tamagoyaki but have not posted a recipe yet. 😀 ))) Fae.

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