Recipe: Rührkuchen mit Blaubeeren. German sponge cake with blueberries

This cake is really soft, although the amount of butter that it is in it, it does not fill your stomach. The sweetness of the berries give a beautiful flavor to the cake. I have made some adjustments to the recipe from, the person added white chocolate, I added condensed milk instead, since I had that opened and had to use it.

1/4c condensed milk

300g blueberries

2 stick butter, like 1 cup butter

1 tsp vanilla

5 eggs

400g flour, sift, before mixing to the dough

1 package baking powder

125 ml milk

1. melt butter, then add sugar, mix, make cream.

2. add egg one by one.

3. add condensed milk, milk and the vanilla.

4. add the sifted flour, mix and the berries

5. bake in 350F for 50 minutes.

Guten appetit!



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