Recipe: Griesspudding, semolina pudding from Germany.

I will write the recipe from the package I brought back from Emden and you can adjust this based on your need. I used half of the recipe, did lots of short cuts, but it tastes much better if you follow the package’s instructions. This is from a german product, “Diamant, Weichweizen Griesspudding”, you can add different flavors, like orange zest, lemon zest, cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla, anything you like.

The glass I served in is 75 years old. From my husband’s family…

1 egg

1l milk

2 TBSP sugar

1 lemon zest

little salt

125 g semolina

1. separate egg yolk from egg white.

2. mix egg yolk with 2 TBSP milk.

3. in pan, bring milk, lemon zest, salt and sugar to boil, once boiled turn off heat.

4. add semolina, little by little, mix with whisk, then add the egg yolk at the end, mix.

5. beat egg whites, then add to the pudding. You can serve this cold or warm.

Guten Appetit.



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