Recipe: Curried Red Lentil Soup with Chickpeas and Quinoa

This recipe is an inspiration from Kevin Lynch at Closet Cooking. He is a recipe developer and lives in Canada. One of the boards you must follow on Pinterest. I created the recipe, base on his description.
Here we go:


1/2 cup chickpea (soak in water overnight)

1/6 cup red lentil

1/6 cup green lentil

1/6 cup quinoa

chicken stock ( the amount necessary to cover all ingredients and a little more)

2 TBSP curry

1/4 red onion, chopped

1 carrot, cut in cubes

1 celery branch, cut in cubes

1 tomato, cut in cubes

cilantro (optional)

salt, pepper

1. in olive oil brown all veggies, red onion, carrot, celery, except tomato.

2. add chickpea, lentils and quinoa and mix.

3. add chicken stock and curry, salt and pepper and bring to boil.

4. add tomatoes and cover and reduce heat to low. Cook for one hour, covered.

5. sprinkle little cilantro before serving.

Enjoy your meal.



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