Recipe: Spaghetti with Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto sauce.

This was all spontaneous. I visited another Farmer’s Market at Davie and Nick had a stand and was selling all his sauces and pestos. I bought his Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto and the market had fresh Sun-Dried Tomato for a container of almost 300g for just 2,99US. I had fresh spinach and pine nuts, so I came up with this recipe. I posted some pictures of my “behind the scenes, or in action” at my facebook page: Delicioso y Divertido. I invite you to join this page and participating and having fun!


Quantities for the sauce, based on your taste, so I will only add the ingredients, not the quantity. Thank you.

Sun-Dried Tomato pesto

Sun-Dried tomato, cut in little pieces


water of cooked pasta

Pine nuts

olive oil

salt, pepper

Parmesan cheese

cream (optional) in this recipe, I did not add cream

1. in olive oil, cook the sun-dried tomatoes until soft.

2. add pasta, mix, add pesto, mix, add water of cooked pasta, this all goes quick.

3. add spinach and pine nuts, mix, add more water or pesto if you would like.

4. before serving, sprinkle parmesan cheese.

Did you like it?



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