Recipe: Apfelmuskuchen, Applemousse cake from DDR, East Germany.

A wonderful cake, interesting and very original, you cannot compare to any other cakes.  A friend of mine gave this to me and honestly, this took like about 3 hours for me to FINISH the cake, while I was baking, my friend  Ilka was online, explaining me step by step, how to do this. You would think that the apple mousse would melt in the oven, it won’t. The original recipe is from DDR-Rezepte, you can find the page on Facebook. Some of the ingredients are from Germany and I had some that I brought to Miami, so I would not know how to replace the ingredients…

175g flour, all purpose flour, I used wheat flour

75g cornstarch

125g butter

1 Vanilla sugar, I used 1 tsp vanilla essence.

65g sugar

1 L egg

3TBSP cold water

2 tsp baking powder

You make the dough, by mixing butter and sugar, make it creamy, then add egg, cold water, vanilla essence, mix. Then add flour, cornstarch and baking powder. When the dough is ready, cut in half. Roll it out, first dough in the cake form, bake it for 7 minutes at  390F. Meanwhile you make the sauce:

1l apple mousse (1 big jar of apple mousse, I bought at Whole Foods 365 product line)

3TBSP sugar

2 Vanilla pudding bag (German product, you can maybe replace with one little box of vanilla pudding ROYAL)

6 TBSP Griess (semolina or you can use cream of wheat, I used two bags of the instant ones)

You mix all and cook, then add to the cake form.

Form the second though, put it on the mousse and bake all at 370F for about 50 minutes. WARNING: The dough might be very soft, it is ok. Once the cake is out of the oven, let it cool for at least 1 hour in the cake form.

Finally make a couverture with powdered sugar.

So fein kann das schmecken!



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