Recipe: Okroshka, summer soup from Russia.

Okroshka is a traditional soup from Russia that is served during summer. It is basically a cold soup, some cooked potatoes mixed with raw vegetables and finally you add Kefir at the end, before serving. Since this has a lot of cucumbers in it, fresh dill is recommended for the soup. It is refreshing, very healthy, but it is an aquired taste for us. My kids enjoyed at the beginning, but it was a little overwhelming with the dill and the Kefir, since they learned to have Kefir along with cereal or fruits, rather than vegetables. Thank you for my friend Karinna who helped to make this recipe come true.

3 boiled potatoes. I boiled the potatoes in some vegetable stock, to give some additional flavor.

3 small persian cucumbers

little scallion

2 boiled eggs

little ham

salt, pepper

fresh dill

2 cups vegetable stock

1/2 cup of more Kefir

1. boil the potatoes, cut in little cubes, in some vegetable stock.

2. cut cucumbers in little cubes, scallions, chopped, chop eggs and cut the ham in little cubes. Mix all ingredients together. Use some of your water from potato, not all, then add additional vegetable stock.

3. Finally add about 1/2 cup or to 1 cup of Kefir, based on your taste and add some fresh dill.

A beautiful soup from Russia.



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