Recipe: Cabbage Jang Tteok, Korean pancakes

Although I will need to avoid going to too many details, Jang Tteok is composed with soy sauce, soy bean paste and some hot chilli paste, those ingredients in a pancake batter and you mix with the vegetables you like. I learned some Korean recipes through Aeris Kitchen.

The pancakes are served as appetizers in Korean bars or restaurants with that strong alcohol drink Soju. I cooked with cabbage, some look burned, but they were pretty tasty. I prepared this in Emden, Germany.

cabbage, shredded

green onions

1/2 onion, sliced

2 cups flour

1/2 cup flour cornstarch

1 egg

little chilli paste


1,5 cup cold water (put in the refrigerator before you prepare this recipe)

1. In the cold water, add first the flour, egg and all other ingredients. At the end you add the vegetables.

2. brown in little oil

Enjoy the pancakes!



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