Recipe: Ebi-chilli, Shrimp chilli sauce from Japan

This recipe is very popular in Japan. It is called “Ebi-chilli-don” Ebi=shrimps, Chilli, Don-a bowl of rice. A hot bowl of rice and on top the Ebi-chilli, that is how you eat or how it is served in many restaurants. Men who do not cook very often, mostly the “salary man”, they make a joke by saying: “Yes, I can cook, at least a Ebi-chilli-don”!

I will copy the recipe from my book “Gohan No1” and you can adjust it based on your needs and taste.

Bowl of steamed rice

300g of shrimps, devained

1 little onion, chopped

1 garlic clove, chopped

1 piece of ginger, chopped

1 green onion, chopped

2 tsp cornstarch, mixed with cold water (use at the end for the sauce)


sesame oil


2 tsp chilli paste (I used 1 tsp. only for my kids, still it was pretty hot)

3 TBSP soy sauce

3 TBSP sugar

3 TBSP ketchup

3/4 cup water

1. chop all the vegetables and brown in oil, sesame oil in a wok, then add shrimp, mix.

2. make the sauce, mix all ingredients

3. add #3 in #1

4. add cornstarch

Serve immediately on top of the rice.




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