Menu for New Years 2014 from Susana Kawai: Beef Wellington

Please ignore the imperfection of the selection of my dishes/ingredients/colors on the menu…After all, it is all about having fun in the kitchen. First of all, I wish everybody a Happy New Year, may all wishes come true and send you all my positive energy for every challenge you may have to endure over this year.

By Christmas, I was still hesitating on my Menu for New Years. Should I follow Japanese tradition with “Osechi Ryori”, Bolivian tradition with “Picana”? Swiss tradition with “my Family Ossobuco recipe” or German tradition that I adopted, having “Raclette”…until my husband said “why don’t you try Beef Wellington”…My first reaction was ” Oh, I am not at that level yet, I am not ready for that. In fact, I was ready for that…

After searching for the recipe I wanted to cook, this is what happened: What are the garnitures, do I serve potage, what about the appetizers. What should I do with dessert. Most certainly, when you are in the process of creating your Menu, you are inspired and suddenly you want to cook everything! So instead of searching for more recipes, I had to cut down…

Online you will read all this information about Beef Wellington. This was inspired by a Duke of Wellington beginning of the 1800s and he indulged himself with beef, some others say this is simple a Filet from Beef, cooked and wrapped in a farce and paté to keep the meat moist. If you have watched the program “Downton Abbey” you have the opportunity to see what monarchy used to eat in the early 1900. Easily I believe Beef Wellington was inspired by a British Duke.

While I was looking for my ingredients for the Beef Wellington, I needed the following: Truffles, Madeira wine, Paté de Foie Gras, Morilles and some other ingredients. When all of the sudden I was lucky to meet the Corporate Chef from the Gourmet Store. He then told me to sauté some white mushrooms, chop and mix with the Paté de Foie Gras, simple as that, so this is what I did.

Before I mention the ingredients, the meat must be best quality. I bought Beef Tenderloin, the beef was grass fed. Tender as a white bread…

Start with the farce:

1 package Italian champignons

fresh thyme


butter and olive oil

2 TBSP canned chopped truffle (cost about 12US)

4 TBSP Paté de Foie Gras (I have to be honest, I forgot to weigh, but I do believe this the quantity I used)

kosher salt, pepper

1. sauté the champignons in butter and olive oil, add thymes, deglace with some brandy. Let it cool down, then put all in the food processor and let it chop fine. Then add all in a passoir and rest the champignons there until there is no more water.

2. make the Paté de Foie Gras creamy, with a fork, then add #1 and the chopped truffles, mix and your farce is ready.


500g Beef Tenderloin

Kosher salt, pepper

Garlic powder

Pimentón de la Vera

Olive oil

1. Sprinkle the meat with all those ingredients. Just a little Pimentón de la Vera is good. Brown every corner, once browned, lower heat to low and cover for about 5 to 7 minutes. You want the meat cooked inside, but cook it to medium rare…

Beef Wellington

You will need to get puff pastry, they sell in the grocery store, frozen.

1 egg, battled with 1 tsp water.

1. Once your pastry is thaw, then unroll.

2. with help of a brush, brush this with egg, the entire pastry, only one side.

3. add farce, live about 1 cm. space of no farce in each side.

4. put the meat in the middle.

5. fold

6. turn around, make some cuts on top. Brush again the all with egg.

7. bake this for 20 minutes at 350F.

Truffle Sauce

Champignons from the farce

2 to 3 TBSP truffles

1 TBSP shallots

1 garlic, chopped


white whine

1/4 or more of bouillon (make your own, by boiling beef bones with, leeks, celery, carrot, salt, 1 bay leaf)

You might probably have some rest of the farce, add to this another 2 to 3 TBSP of truffles.


starch (if you want the sauce less liquid)

1. In the pan, where you browned the meat, add shallots, then deglace with white whine.

2. add the champignons and truffles, mix.

3. add bouillon, cook for 2 minutes.

4. add cream, mix for 1 minute, and some starch (previously mixed in a little cold water) to make sauce little thicker. Then add some fresh parsley.

I served this with Glazed legumes and Pommes Duchesses.

Happy New Year


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