Recipe: Quark dessert with blackberries

Some of you most likely ask what Quark is. Anybody can get the answer by googling…I have learned about Quark while living in Germany. All the cheesecakes or Käsekuchen are baked with Quark instead of cream cheese. Without giving too many details Quark is fresh cheese or cream cheese made out of pasteurized milk, very close to sour cream, but not as sour. If you bake your cheese cake just with sour cream, your cheese cake would be a little too sour. Some people think that Quark is close to Ricotta cheese, I must say, it is not. Whole Foods (an American chain of grocery store) sells that, for about 130g for close to 4.50US, it can be very expensive, while in Germany you buy for 500g, only for 1Euro, maybe 2Euros. You could also make Quark at home, you would need cheese cloth and Greek yoghurt. As my friend from Germany here told me: Place the yoghurt on the cloth, place in the refrigerator up to three days and then all the water will be drained, then you have Quark. That is the easiest way to make it. It is very healthy, lighter than cream cheese and you can make salad dressings, desserts, cakes and others. It took me half a year to finally get my own Quark here in the United States. Here is a light dessert for you.

1 cup Quark (130g)
1 cup Greek yoghurt
2 TBSP sugar
1/4 tsp honey
little vanilla
mix all, well
any fruits you like on top. I put blackberries on top.

Simple as that.

Susana @ Delicioso y Divertido.


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