Recipe: Spicy molasses chicken drumstick (USA)

I was inspired by my Google+ circle chef, Larry Fournillier. He shared Spicy Maple chicken wings from Love Bakes Good Cakes. In that recipe, they use I believe frozen chicken wings and as simple as boiled maple syrup with cayenne pepper. I had molasses in hand, so I did. I must say, this was impressively tasty, my husband and the kids loved it. I sprinkled with sesame seeds at the end, did not have green onions…Here are the ingredients:

chicken drumsticks
1/2 cup or less of molasses
1/4tsp cayenne pepper
olive oil
salt, pepper

1. in a pan, brown and cook the drumsticks in olive oil, salt, pepper.
2. once is done, then in a separate pan, bring molasses to boil and add the cayenne pepper. Mix.
3. Immediately add to #1, low heat, cover for about 30 seconds.

So simple it is.
Susana @ Delicioso y Divertidoealth


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