Recipe; Green tea soba salad with Umeboshi dressing (Japan/Susana K.’s recipe)

It sounds very complicated and different, but it is actually very simple. You would need to love Japanese food in order to make this salad, because you will need to buy a lot of ingredients. The green tea soba in Japanese is Cha-soba, made out of buckwheat, you will need to boil this in a lot of water, immediately rinse the cooked soba in cold water. Umeboshi is pickled plums, very salty and sour.  Every Japanese family carries one container of Umeboshi in the refrigerator. You enjoy this with hot rice…Also I add otsukemono into the salad, pickled daikon (takuan), the yellow veggie that you see in the picture. All this you will find in a Japanese store, sometimes in an Asian store. I would recommend though to get all the ingredients in a Japanese store, either online or you may order as well. This, to experience the authenticity of Japanese cuisine.

4-5 Umeboshi
1TBSP soy sauce
1TBSP oil
1TBSP white wine vinegar or rice vinegar
dry yuzu (optional)
1. Cut umeboshi in little pieces, the mix with all ingredients. This is your dressing.

Cha soba, explanation at the beginning of this article
eisberg salad
All ingredients above, based on desired quantity.

Susana@Delicioso y Divertido


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