Recipe: Quark-Yoghurt Mandarin cake

I copied this recipe from, the only change I made is instead of taking natural yoghurt, I replaced that with Mango Greek yoghurt. It is a healthy dessert. I mentioned in my previous recipes that Quark is healthier than cream cheese. Finding Quark in the United States is difficult, Whole Foods carries that, but the price is too high, that is not worth to buy, so you can make your own Quark by buying 500g of Greek natural yoghurt. Please check my facebook page: Delicioso y Divertido on how to make your own Quark.

For the biscuit on the bottom:
1 egg
2 egg whites
45g sugar
125ml milk
80g flour
1/4 tsp. baking powder
vanilla essence

1. mix the egg with sugar. Add milk, mix. Add flour, baking powder and vanilla. Beat egg whites until stiff and add to the mix. Place the dough in a round baking pan (26cm or 10 inch), with a parchment paper on the bottom. Bake this for about 10 to 15 minutes, be careful that your dough does not get too dark. Take it out and let it cool.

For the cream filling:
500g Quark
300g Mango Greeg yoghurt (1 small cup from Publix is good)
65g sugar
8 Gelatine sheets
2 can Mandarin, no sugar
100 ml whipping cream
little cream of tartar (optional), I did not use this.

1. place the Gelatine in warm water and melt them.
2. drain all juice, separate mandarins out of the juice.
3. whisk cream and make a whipping cream.
5. into the Quark, add mango Greek yoghurt, sugar, vanilla and mix. Slowly add the gelatine sheets.
Finally add the whipped cream, mix.
6. when your biscuit is cool, place some mandarins on top of the dough, the add all the cream mix, with the form on it.
7. decorate your cake with mandarins and place it in your refrigerator for at least 6 hours.

Susana @ Delicioso y Divertido


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