Recipe: Tofu Burgers (Susana K.’s recipe)

Have you ever thought making burgers out of Tofu? It is actually very simple. In Japan, many of the recipes has ground chicken, which I decided to omit that. Tofu has enough proteins and the spinach give the tofu a nice compliment. You will need to get the extra firm Tofu, I always buy this at Whole Foods, 365 organic, the taste and texture are best at Whole Foods. Get also one package of saltine crackers and blend in a food processor. You can get panko from the grocery store as well. That is fine.
Kids loved this.

1 package extra firm Tofu
1 package saltine crakers
1/2 package or 1 cup of saltine crackers before frying.
1 egg
2 TBSP soy sauce
(1/2 package of baby spinach, sauteed with onions and little salt. Cool down)

1. Mix all ingredients, make certain spinach is cold. Form your burgers, roll them in crackers, then direct in the hot pan to fry in shortening.

Serve with your favorite salad. A very healthy choice.

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